5 Simple Rituals that Have Made My Life Calmer

I accumulated small saving rituals in more than one day, but each of them helped me significantly in its time. Maybe they will be useful to you too.

Morning cleanliness

Every morning I put my feet on the cool floor, take Nepalese incense out of the drawer and set it on fire. The floor is cold on the feet, the burning rope is hot. I like the contrast.

While the rope is smoldering, I drink the first glass of warm water that has been waiting for me on the bedside table since the evening. After that, I go to the shower.

Tea for the mind

Before starting any work – and I work with my head – I make tea from rooibos, lemongrass and rosemary.

These herbs help with focus and mental clarity, while rosemary also has a beneficial effect on short-term memory (which is a real lifesaver when you are overwhelmed with a hundred things to remember).

Evening tea

It’s good for the British – they are already going to five in the evening at 5 o’clock. My working day is not standardized, because I do what I love, but it is very important to be able to tell yourself stop.

Every evening I rinse the teapot with warm water, put damiana, rose and linden in it, put the Turku on the fire and meditate on how the water boils. The closer it is to seething, the quieter the thoughts become in the head.

When evening tea is poured, the overhead light is extinguished, candles are lit. It’s time to rest.

Morning room

Once every two days at 9:30 I leave the gym locker room for dumbbells. The hall is quiet, the sun shines through the huge windows. Sometimes there is no sun and water runs down the windows.

Silence awaits me, the quiet creak of gloves and the rustle of exercise equipment. I restore my technique, make sure not to damage my body, and the phone does not bother me for another hour and a half.

Natural flowers

A couple of months ago, I got tired of visual noise and arranged a global house cleaning, which can rather be called a genocide of things and furniture.

Throwing away all the steamy, superfluous, distributing the unused, we achieved free empty surfaces at home, because the house should be a canvas for creating you and your day, a place to recharge, and not a heavy load of useless dust.

In February, I just realized that I don’t want a lot of beautiful things. I want one, but the best one for me. No austerity, simple conscious minimalism, which I will write about later.

But any canvas needs to be refreshed with paints, so every Friday I go home from a student and go to a flower shop.

Since I stopped snacking at cafes or buying buns on the go, I always have some money for the essentials. For example, a bouquet.

Half an hour later we come home with a bouquet. It can be from tulips, roses or peonies – whatever you like. He usually makes me happy until Thursday, and on Friday I go back to the flower shop. Saleswomen recognize me and smile every time.

Every evening, a glass of warm water is placed under the bouquet. He will wait for me until the morning, when I will light the Nepalese incense.

Sometimes in the chaos of life it is very important to have islands of peace where some things do not change.

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